Brains & Body, The Student Plan by Krissy Cela. This lifestyle guide is designed to provide students and busy workers a helping hand with the organisation. This guide is incredibly close to my heart as I myself am a third-year Law student. It can be incredibly difficult to balance a healthy lifestyle, work, education, social life and more but it can be done.


-Lifestyle Guide to help with organisation

- Prioritising

-Saving Money

- Smart Food shopping

- 5 Key recipes ALL vegan

- Although this may not be a workout guide I have provided you with 5 circuits all 25 minutes long you can perform at home.

- Nutritional & Fitness tips (This is not a personalised meal plan)

- ALL emails answered within 24 Hours guaranteed by Krissy Cela personally.

Brains & Body

  • Once you have purchased the workout plan, you will be emailed a downloadable PDF document ready to use straight away. Due to the nature of the product no refunds are available.

All Emails Answered Within 24 hours, personally.