This new 8-week workout program is designed to sculpt and tone your entire body to perfection. This plan is gym based as weights are required. With the correct exercises, nothing is impossible. The new and improved workout program will include the following:

- Illustrations of me performing every exercise

- 8 Week gym-based program which includes a workout split of weight training, starters, finishers, activations, stretches, HIIT, circuits. super sets, drop sets

- Workout starters and finishers

- In-depth workout description of cardio, weight training, compound movements, how to determine weights, supplementation and more

- Please note this is not a personalised meal plan

- Full workout glossary

ALL emails answered within 24 Hours guaranteed by Krissy Cela personally.


NOTE: If you have previously ordered the old 8-week Tone and Sculpt workout guide, please email me before purchasing to receive a unique 15% discount code. 

8 Week Tone and Sculpt

  • Once you have purchased the workout plan, you will be emailed a downloadable PDF document ready to use straight away. Due to the nature of the product no refunds are available.

All Emails Answered Within 24 hours, personally.