This 4 week workout program is designed to sculpt and tone your entire body to perfection. This plan is gym based as weights are required. The plan consists of a combination of weight training, HITT cardio, sculpting and toning workouts. It is not impossible to achieve your dream body, and with a little bit of guidance I know we will do it! With the correct exercises, nothing is impossible.


The guide will include:

- A clear guide/table to show you what workouts you will be doing

- In-depth information on different types of exercises

- Organisation/Tips

- Descriptive illustrations of each exercise

- Different variation of workouts; Weight training, HITT, Cardio, Full body workouts, Split weeks.

4 Week Workout Plan - Tone & Sculpt

  • Once you have purchased the workout plan, you will be emailed a downloadable PDF document ready to use straight away. Due to the nature of the product no refunds are available.

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