This 12-week workout program is designed to sculpt and tone your entire body to perfection. The plan consists of a combination of full body workouts, HITT cardio, sculpting and toning workouts, skipping and much more. It is not impossible to achieve your dream body, and with a little bit of guidance I know we will do it! 


1. Organisation & Tips 

2. Setting Goals 

3. Nutritional Background 

4. Micro / Macros 

5. How to calculate your own macros to help you design your OWN meal plan 

6. Timing meals 

7. Binge eating 

8. Transitioning into a vegan

9. Hydration/alcohol 

10. Supplement background 

11. SMART good shopping 

12. Reading food labels 

13. Healthy recipes / breakfast / lunch / dinner / dessert / pre and post workout meals 

14. Workout background 

15. How to intensify your workouts 

16. Cardio 

17. Body Weight / Circuit Training 

18. Mobility / Stretching 

19. 12 Week workout guide

20. Activation & Finishers 

21. Workout pictures for EVERY exercise along with a glossary 


12 Week USBG - Home Edition

  • Once you have purchased the workout plan, you will be emailed a downloadable PDF document ready to use straight away. Due to the nature of the product no refunds are available.

  • Approx. USD $75 / EUR €63

All Emails Answered Within 24 hours, personally.